Beyond the Craft

This website is concerned mostly with Craft Masonry, such as is carried out in the Lodge of St Mark, and much of the guidance will also apply in the case of Holy Royal Arch Masonry.

However, there are many other Orders and Degrees of Freemasonry, membership of which is restricted, at the least, to Craft Master Masons.  These Orders and Degrees are autonomous and quite independent, although most of them are in amity with, and recognised by, The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE).

For further information relating to other Orders and Degrees of Freemasonry please seek guidance from Lodge Members.  You will find that the Lodge have an elected representative of Holy Royal Arch Masonry, who will be able to provide you with information and assistance in relation to that Order.

It is certainly recommended that you allow yourself sufficient time to become properly familiar and comfortable with your Craft Masonry before seeking to join other Orders or Degrees.

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