Relief as a guiding principle  One of the guiding principles upon which Freemasonry is founded is that we seek to provide relief to those in need, be they our own Members and their families or the community as a whole.  This is largely achieved through the practice of charitable giving and by exercising voluntary and instinctive care towards our fellow human beings.

With care and compassion for others being a key guiding principle for Freemasons, charitable giving is in many ways a natural by-product, creating a powerful force from which to spread help to many in society and its communities.

Masonic Charities and Lodge benevolent funds  Whilst individual Lodges and the governing authorities in Freemasonry are not charities in themselves, Masonry has formed its own Charities to which it donates funds from within.  From both those Masonic Charities and from the benevolent funds raised by local Lodges, support can be provided for Freemasons and their families who may find themselves in distressed circumstances, whilst significant support is also provided for national and local non-Masonic Charities and other individuals or causes needing help.

Masonic ‘Festivals’  Freemasonry does arrange special fund raising efforts, referred to as ‘Festivals’, where monies are raised over an extended specific period for donation to a particular designated Charity.  The Masonic Province of East Kent, within whose jurisdiction the Lodge of St Mark falls, have launched a 2025 Festival and have been challenged to raise the sum of £3.5m to provide significant support for the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF).  Fundraising events and activities will be taking place across the Province.  For further details regarding the MCF, please see under ‘National’ below.

Major donator  In all, each year thousands of people in need are helped through millions of pounds in donations made to charitable causes by Freemasonry.

‘In-house’ fund raising  Freemasons also take pride from the fact that they raise their charitable funds from amongst their own Members and through their own social activities, and not from general public appeals.  Freemasonry does make it clear to its Members that they are not expected to undertake charitable giving beyond what their own financial circumstances enable them to properly afford.

Charity at all levels  As already outlined, charitable activities within Freemasonry are taking place at local level, across individual provinces and country-wide.  Further details and some helpful links to relevant websites are provided below.


Individual Lodges such as the Lodge of St Mark will raise charitable funds from their Members and through their social activities, which will be donated to charitable causes, being both Masonic and non-Masonic Charities, and to generally provide benevolence to those in need.  Significant amounts will therefore be donated from local Lodges to many varying good causes.

For examples of donations made by the Lodge of St Mark, please refer to the News and Events page of this website.


The Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ Charity (CEKFC) operates under the banner of the Masonic Province of East Kent and is key as part of encouraging, maintaining and supporting the charitable response from East Kent Lodges and their Members.  It provides help and relief in our local communities to charities, voluntary organisations and individuals who are in need, with match funding grants also considered.

Those organisations assisted with CEKFC donations have included the Dover Smart Project, Rising Sun Domestic Violence & Abuse Services, Rainbow Centre, Oasis and Choices Domestic Abuse Services, Newington Recreation Ground Children’s Playground, Prostate Cancer, Deal Air Cadets and Macmillan Nurses.

For full details and further information regarding the CEKFC, click here.


The Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) offers a wide range of support at national level, particularly in the form of grants to assist with financial, health or family related needs arising for Freemasons and their families and beyond Freemasonry for the wider community.  It is one of the largest grant-making charities in the country.

Each year the MCF supports around 5,000 members of the Masonic community with an amount totalling over £15 million and hundreds of charities with grants totalling £5.5 million.

In 2017/18 within East Kent the MCF supported 147 members of the Masonic community with grants totalling £438,548 and local charities received support with grants totalling £189,000.

For full details and further information regarding the MCF – click here

The Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution (RMBI) makes available care homes for over 1,000 Freemasons and their families, providing residential, nursing and dementia care in 17 homes across England and Wales.  For full details and further information – click here

To find out more about the RMBI care home in Kent, the Prince George Duke of Kent Court – click here 

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