Regular Meetings

Regular Meeting Location and Facilities

The Lodge Regular Meetings take place at The Masonic Hall, Windmill Street, Hythe, Kent CT21 6BH, telephone 01303 268128.  Please refer to the Contact page of this website for further details.

The Masonic Hall also provides dining and bar facilities and is available for social events.

Regular Meeting Summons / Details

A Summons will be circulated by the Lodge Secretary prior to each Meeting to give notice of the Meeting and provide all necessary details, including the Agenda.

Regular Meeting Schedule

The Regular Meetings of the Lodge of St Mark are held on the first Wednesday of each month from October to May, with the Installation Meeting being in October.  If any individual Meeting date is to vary from those stated, this will be advised on the Summons and through other means of communication such as this website.  The scheduled day for a Regular Meeting may, for instance, need to change if this coincides with a public holiday.

The Installation Meeting is when the Member elected as Worshipful Master for the ensuing year will be Installed and he invests his Officers.

Regular Meeting Dates

The Meeting dates for 2022 – 23 are as below.

Wednesday 5th October 2022 (Installation) 6.15pm

Wednesday 2nd November 2022 6.15pm

Wednesday 7th December 2022 6.15pm

Wednesday 4th January 2023 6.15pm

Wednesday 1st February 2023 6.15pm

Wednesday 1st March 2023 6.15pm

Wednesday 5th April 2023  6.15pm

Wednesday 3rd May 2023 6.15pm

Regular Meeting Start and Finishing Times

Meetings start promptly at 6.15pm, apart from the Installation where the start time is 5.30pm prompt or as otherwise advised.  Admittance to a Meeting can still be arranged for Members who find their arrival unavoidably delayed.  If these times are to vary for any individual Meeting, this will be advised on the Summons and through other means of communication such as this website.

The administrative and Ceremonial part of Regular Meetings is normally completed by around 8.00pm, and those staying to dine at the Festive Board can anticipate that the evening will be completed by around 10.00pm.

Regular Meeting Attendees, Agenda and Activities

The Regular Meetings are open only to Members and invited Visitors and Guests.

At these Meetings the Lodge will

– conduct Ceremonies for admitting and progressing new members or

– conduct the Ceremony for the annual Installation of the Master of the Lodge and investment of his Officers or

– conduct demonstrations or practices of Ceremonies

– receive talks and presentations on Masonic topics.

Those at the Meeting will also conduct normal administrative procedures such as

– reviewing the Minutes of the previous meeting

– proposing and balloting for new Members

– discussing and voting on the annual accounts and other matters

– receiving news about charitable work and reports from the Almoner and Lodge Mentor

– receiving other Masonic news and communications.

The above will then be followed by what is referred to as the ‘Festive Board’.  Please see below for further information in this regard.

Lodge Officers and Members Unable to Attend a Regular Meeting

If any Lodge Officer is unable to attend a Meeting, they are requested to provide prior notice as soon as possible to the Secretary or to the Director or Assistant Director of Ceremonies, in order that alternative arrangements can be made.

For other Members apologies for absence at a Regular Meeting can be provided to the Lodge Secretary (by phone or email) or through a Member who will be attending.

Regular Meeting Festive Board and Dining

After each Regular Meeting, a dinner will normally be available to all Members and invited Visitors and Guests in the Masonic Hall dining room, this being referred to as the ‘Festive Board’.  This will be a happy occasion, which will include Masonic toasts and wine takings (soft drinks available).

Meals will normally consist of a starter, main course, sweet and cheese and biscuits, followed by coffee or tea.  Wine, beer and soft drinks will be available from the bar.

All those wishing to dine are to book themselves in with the Dining Steward (details on the Summons) by the Friday prior to the Meeting.  Members can book in their own Masonic Guests.

All Lodge Officers and those Members who have requested to go on the permanent dining list held by the Dining Steward will be booked-in automatically, unless they have given prior notice that they are unable to dine at the Meeting concerned.  They will need to book-in any Masonic Guests that they may invite.

Where any Member who has been booked-in to dine is then unable to do so, they are asked to provide reasonable notice of booking cancellation to the Dining Steward.  This ensures that the Lodge and the Member do not incur the cost of meals not taken.

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