Lodge of Instruction

Lodge of Instruction (LoI) Location

The St Mark LoI is held at the same location as the Lodge Regular Meetings.

Secretary and Director of Ceremonies for LOIs

The Lodge Assistant Secretary is the Secretary for the LoI and the Lodge Assistant Director of Ceremonies will normally direct proceedings at these evenings.

LoI Details

Notice of the next LoI will be provided on the Summons issued for Regular Meetings and further details may be distributed by the Lodge Assistant Secretary and, or Assistant Director of Ceremonies.  Details will also normally be available through other means of communication such as this website.

LoI Schedule

LoI is held on the second Monday of each month from September to April.  If any individual LoI date is to vary from those stated, this will be advised on the Summons and through other means of communication such as this website.  The scheduled day for a LoI may, for instance, need to change if this coincides with a public holiday.

LoI Dates 

The LoI dates for 2022 – 23 are as below.

Monday 12th September 2022 7.00pm (Installation)

Monday 10th October 2022 7.00pm

Monday 14th November 2022 7.00pm

Monday 12th December 2022 7.00pm

Monday 9th January 2023 7.00pm

Monday 13th February 2023 7.00pm

Monday 13th March 2023 7.00pm

Tuesday 11th April 2023 7.00pm (to be confirmed)

The September 2022 LoI will be concerned with preparations for the October 2022 Regular Meeting for the purpose of Installation.

LoI Start and Finishing Times

The LoI starts at 7.00pm, although if a Member’s arrival will be delayed they will still be welcome to attend.  If this time is to vary for any individual LoI, Members will be provided with suitable prior notice.

A LoI is normally completed by 8.30pm to 9.00pm, depending upon the Ceremonial work to be practiced.

LoI Attendees and Activities

All Lodge Members are welcome and encouraged to attend these evenings.

The LoI is held regularly to enable Members to receive guidance for and to practice the Ceremonies worked by the Lodge.

The LoI is conducted in a relaxed atmosphere and is intended to help develop the Masonic confidence and understanding of each Member, so that they are better prepared to contribute to Lodge activities.

Each Officer with Ceremonial responsibilities will normally be provided with an opportunity to practice the next Office that he is likely to be offered.

There is no Festive Board or other dining at LoI.

Members Unable to Attend LoI

Any Member who has been offered the opportunity to take an Office at a LoI, but then find themselves unable to attend, are requested to provide prior notice as soon as possible to the Lodge Assistant Director of Ceremonies, in order that alternative arrangements can be made.

For other Members apologies for absence at a LoI can be provided to the Lodge Assistant Secretary or Assistant Director of Ceremonies (by phone or email) or through a Member who will be attending.

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